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Nobody likes being stuck in a hot car in summer weather, but we often forget our cars air conditioning service. If you want to keep your cool then servicing your air con system is not something you should forget about.


Why service my Car Air Conditioner ?

Just like any modern technology that contains many parts, the air conditioning system in your car must get regular servicing. Without oil the compressor can seize up, The air filters become clogged with dirt, bacteria and moisture, which is not just yucky - a blocked air-con filter can even cause your air conditioning to quit working altogether. The rubber seals need to be checked for any leaks to make sure your are not leaking refrigerant gas.


Why Do I need to re-gas the air con ?

Most cars lose a bit of refrigerant gas over time, or if the seals are worn they could lose a lot -and when your refrigerant gas gets low your air con just won’t be as cold as it should be. Eventually it will stop running altogether. Even without leaks the gas in a car air conditioning system should to be recharged completely within four years from the manufacture date and every two to three years after that just to keep your system in peak condition.


How often should I service the cooling system in my car ?

Getting an annual Car air-con service is the best way to prevent costly breakdowns in the future – and a well serviced air-con actually saves you money because it uses less petrol – if the compressor has to work harder due to the system working inefficiently this actually puts a bigger load on the engine using more fuel.


Temby Auto Service technicians are qualified refridgerant handlers (LO 11937) and can perform air conditioning repairs, services and regas on most makes and models.


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Smelly air conditioner ? Ask about our MIST service.

Sometimes, if you haven’t used your Air Con in a while you may notice a few strange smells coming from the vents. This can be caused by a build up of dirt and bacteria in your system.

A mist service will kill any bacteria that may be lurking in your Car’s Air system. This bacteria can not only cause odours but it can even make you sick, especially if you have allergies or asthma. A MIST clean of your system uses ultra sonic technology to ensure that your car’s air con system is clean and free of nasty bugs – making your car not only smell fantastic and fresh but makes it healthier for you and your family.

Learn more about keeping the air in your car healthy and watch our Auto-facts video.

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